The 11th Tank Corp was a Soviet tank division from 1940 to 1945. In 1941 the division was destroyed and reassembled in 1944 as the 11th Tank Corp. The Corp took part in the Belorussian front and in the Battle of Berlin. In 1955, after the end of World War 2, the Corp was officially disbanded and never reformed.

Appearance Edit

The 11th appears in the mission,"Into the Bear's Jaws". The 11th Corp defends a large supply depot in the south-west portion of the map. The 11th is a large and advanced force with limited recon and no other support.
Ingame IntoTheBearsJaws/11th corp

The 11th is found in the south-west of the map.

Strategy Edit

The 11th is relatively weak if attacked smartly. First you should send 2 fighter bombers for each recon vehicle.(It is completely safe for you to send in a recon plane for they have no anti-air support). Then it s safe to drop paras into the woods around the depot, you should send fighter-bombers to destroy most of the tanks before you do anything with your paras. Finally blitz the buildings with your paras to capture them or you can take them out with bombers/fighter-bombers.

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