1st Ukrainian Front
Первый украинский фронт
Flag Soviet-Union 1923-1955
Country U.S.S.R.
Type Front (Army group)
Commander(s) Ivan Konev
Subordinate(s) 1st Ukrainian Front
Appearances West Meets East

The 1st Ukrainian Front (1-ый Украинский фронт) is a Soviet Union army group seen in the mission West Meets East. They are racing the U.S. to the Prototype Base at Torgau. They first start off launching missiles from Katyushas at the Germans and then engaging in costly combat. If the player does not reach Torgau fast enough (or unlucky enough to be in the area), a large force of PE-8 bombers will flatten the area and any German or US units in the area before dropping mass parachute troops to capture the HQ.

After recuperating from their heavy losses, the Front prepares to assault to prototype base and free it from 'rogue' German forces. They are confronted by heavy German secret weapons and Italian remnants commanded by the German Transition Army and lose many men and vehicles. After driving the Germans back through numbers, the facility blows up, inflicting further losses upon the Front.


  • In several versions of the game, the Front is incorrectly named as the 1st Front of the Ukraine; rather, it should bear the title of the 1st Ukrainian Front (Russian: Первый украинский фронт).
  • Historically, the entire 1st Ukrainian Front did not travel to Torgau. Its last operation was the Battle for Prague.
  • Only a few elements of the 1st Front of the Ukraine linked up with the Americans at Torgau.
  • A Soviet Front was roughly equivalent to a Western Army Group, containing several armies and upwards to a million mobilized men.

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