29th Infantry Division
329px-29th ID SSI.svg
Insignia of the 29th Infantry Division
Country United States
Type Infantry division
Commander(s) Charles Wetherby
Appearances Normandy campaign

The 29th Infantry Division was under General Wetherby's command during the Normandy campaign.


After a costly battle at Omaha Beach, the 29th battled to Carentan and defeated the Germans at a high cost. They then proceeded (along with the 101st, historically) to fight the 6. Fallschirmjäger-Division and the 17th Stubeach G-Abt. to the north. In the next mission, they form one of the defensive units holding back the Germans.


Utah Beach

  • 2 GI's
  • 7 Sherman's
  • 4 Wolverines
  • 1 M16
  • 1 Priest.


  • Also, reinforcing them to fight back the Germans is highly useless and a waste of allocated reinforcements.
  • It is impossible to reinforce them in the first mission, as A) you are under attack, B) they are in a red sector, and C) you have no way to help them except a little recon. The best you can do is place bunkers that are situated so that when an enemy crosses the bridge from Carentan, they are immediately under fire.


  • Like almost all attacking forces, the 29th Infantry Division's units are constantly destroyed, and then regenerated, while their enemies are invincible.