8th Guards Army
Soviet Guards Order
Pin with the insignia of the 8th Guards Army
Country U.S.S.R.
Type Army
Commander(s) Vasily Chuikov
Kate Garner
Appearances The Grande Finale!

The 8th Guards Army is an elite unit of the Soviet Union military and the final enemy force in the storyline campaign.


Long before the events of R.U.S.E, the 8th Guards Army was known as the 62nd Army, surviving against the German onslaught on Stalingrad against the overwhelming odds.

Their commanders of very eager to keep marching from Germany to attack Allied Forces. Their dreams come closer to reality by the arrival of Kate Garner, who has a plan involving experimental German nuclear weapons. The 8th Army secures the prototypes, and begin to gather supplies to launch them outside of Germany. They are interrupted by the sudden airborne arrival of General Sheridan's army. Taken by surprise, the Guards Army loses much of their ground and their supply lines are cut. The Soviet Government declares the 8th Guards commander a renegade, effectively opening them to a full Allied assault.

Despite the set back, the 8th Guards Army still manages to get several V-2s working by the time the French, British, American, and German Transition Army arrive in force. They launch V-2s against a French and British base while deploying all of their remaining forces to stall the advance. Before they can prepare a V-2 for the killing blow though, a Nuclear Long Tom arrives to help finish off the 8th Army. They are pushed back by Allied forces, and their HQ, along with Kate and the Commander (who might actually be Kate herself), is wiped off the map, ending their existence off the face of the Earth.


Alluding to their status as a Guards Army, they employ many of the Soviet Union's most advanced units. The main bulk of their forces appeared to be IS-2 and elite IS-3 tanks, though they also had outdated KV-1 and T-26 tanks. They also owned a fair number of fearsome T-34 medium tanks. The army also had small amount of planes, mostly famous Sturmovik 'flying tanks', though they had several PE-8 bombers and Yak-3 Fighters. They also extensively employed the use of paratroopers, although considering the Russians' history, they could've been converted to heavy infantry.

Operation ZapadEdit

The 8th Guards Army is the player faction in this DLC operation. During a training maneuver, they are attacked by American forces, and must neutralize the enemy HQ.

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