Type 1 A.O.V.
Faction Icon Japan Japan
Class Unarmed Recon
Warmode 1945+
Cost $20
Research Cost $25 (Nuclear mode)
Factory Prototype Base
Armor Base (Nuclear mode)
Armor Armor 4 60mm (400)
Speed 35 km/h

The Type 1 A.O.V. is a Japanese prototype reconnaissance vehicle. It is heavily armored, but it sacrifices any type of weapons. With 60mm armor, it has the equivalent defenses in which most heavy tanks such as the B1 Bis, Tiger, Pershing, and Super Pershing contain. This makes it perfect for frontline scouting, where lighter recon units such as the Kübelsitzwagen and the Sd.Kfz. 222 can be crushed under heavy artillery fire or carpet/fighter bombers.

It moves relatively fast as it can get in and out of trouble without being destroyed. However, unlike most recon units, the A.O.V. is unable to hide in cover, making it much easier to target in an open battlefield. The A.O.V., although being very well armored, is very fast so it can recon a battlefield while still sustaining hits.


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