Above the River
RUSE AbovetheRiver
Players 1 vs 1
Map size Medium
Location Upper Bavaria, Germany
Environment Temperate

Above The River is a medium-sized 2-player map.

Map FeaturesEdit

Both players start at either side of an octagonal outer road, with some interlocking roads through the middle. The map is separated into halves by a river that runs diagonally through the center, with thick forests lining each bank, except where the bridges cross over it.

The three bridges are the only way for land units to reach the enemy, making them key strategic bottlenecks. Aside from the one dump nearest each HQ, supplies are threatened by forests and towns, making recon a necessity to avoid having resources stolen from under a player's nose.

Due to the river and the forests surrounding it, infantry and concealable weapons such as AT guns and AA will likely play a major role in a game, and artillery will be a must for a player looking to break the stalemate. A combination of Radio Silence and bombers/paratroopers might also prove extremely effective against an unwary or preoccupied opponent, provided the enemy does not position sufficient AA to foil them.

Tips and TacticsEdit

  • Using infantry to capture both towns early in the game will help you bottle neck the enemy.
  • Rushing the Center of the map with fast moving Armour will help you raid the your opponents supply lines and to support future crossings.


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