Administrative Building
Acquires funds from the War Office
Faction Icon Common Any
Class Building
Warmode 1945+
Cost $100
Upgrade Cost $0
Armor Armor Building Building (250)

The Administrative Buildings are your late-game saving-grace. When the finite resources in your Supply Depots start to dry up, these offices can help to lessen the financial pinch. Though expensive to build (the second most expensive building in R.U.S.E.) and generate less money with each resource they generate, they generate resources much faster than the Supply Depots; $1 every four seconds, to be exact.

However, Admin Buildings are extremely fragile; with only 250 resistance, a single well-placed bombing run could shatter your expensive investment. As such, make sure to space your Admin Buildings apart from one another, to prevent a single bomber from taking them all out at once. Also, make sure that they are well within the defensive perimeter of your bunkers and Anti-Air defenses, to prevent destruction or, worse yet, capture of your funds. Defend thse buildings as much as possible.

See alsoEdit

  • Headquarters - Similar building that also generates money.

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