Atomic Center
RUSE AtomicCenter USA
Faction Icon Common Any
Warmode Nuclear mode
Cost $100-$140
Armor Armor Building Building (750)

This is a building unique to the Nuclear War Mode and replaces the Prototype Base. The only thing this building can and will produce is the Nuclear Long Tom. This building will also blow up in a nuclear explosion if destroyed.

Pros and ConsEdit


  • This building can produce Nuclear Long Toms, which can be destructive.


  • This building will have a serious effect on your economy, assuming you actually produce NLTs.
  • Like the NLT, the building explodes if destroyed, so try not to have this close to any units or structures if there is an impending destruction.
  • You need to guard this closely if possible if you want to continue producing NLTs, or if you don't want this to fall into the wrong hands.


  • All of the Atomic Centers cost the same as the Prototype Base and the NLT cost the exact same and do the exact same damage, so Germany or one of the 100-110s for the nation should be picked.

See AlsoEdit

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