Behind Enemy Lines
RUSE BehindEnemyLines
Players 2 (1 vs 1)
Map size Large
Location Southern Germany
Environment Temperate

Behind Enemy Lines is a multiplayer map in R.U.S.E. It is the only two-player map to be classified as large.

Map FeaturesEdit

While the map is indeed large, the distance between starting positions is actually relatively small given the scale of the map. Supply dumps are abundant, but only a few are in easily-defensible locations. The majority are located along the somewhat short path between the two players, where forests provide a blanket of cover for infantry. Concealed units such as anti-tank and AA weapons, as well as artillery, will play a pivotal role in any match as a result.

Because of the relatively short distance between the two HQs, the abundance of supply depots between them, and the likely prevalence of infantry, a player might be more likely to make heavy use of artillery to bombard his opponent. Artillery deployed from near the HQ might immediately be in range of almost all supply dumps on the map, making them a potent tool. Air superiority will be a key step in hampering artillery bombardment and helping to assure victory.

The roads along the outer area can be used to flank the enemy, and several roads link together behind each HQ, providing ample opportunity for an armor column or infantry to avoid artillery fire with the help of Radio Silence or forest cover.


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