Caen destroyed

An example of World War II City,The City of Caen

Cities are groups of buildings along roads where infantry and other light units can hide to fight in an urban firefight. It’s difficult to see into cities—they’re a great place to ambush tanks. However, cities cannot be "captured" in the sense of the city coming under the player's control. You can set up ambushes in cities with infantry. You can also set up AA guns in these protected by armor or infantry to eliminate aircraft (or tanks with some guns) on the way to a base, your units (or ally's), or supply depots. Cities are one of the most crucial things in the game. Use them well. A city can be destroyed by bombs or shells which will prevent a player from setting up ambushes. Many players attempt to avoid cities because of the chance of an ambush. Only when necessary will palyers go through, after recon and when enemy units are spotted and bombed out.