Structure of German Panzer and Panzergrenadier Divisions, 1944

A Division is a large military unit, usually containing anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 soldiers. It contains several smaller regiments or brigades, and in turn several divisions make up a corps. As it contains many seperate battalions that perform different responsibilites to uphold the unit, the division can be split into seperate groups (or task forces) and fight the enemy single-handedly.


In a typical German division, there were:

  • The Divisionsstab, the division headquarters, and its staff.
  • A Militärgeheimdienst-Abteilung, a military intelligence battalion.
  • A Feldersatz-Abteilung, a field training battalion.
  • A Versorgungs-Abteilung, a supply section, normally being a company and rarely at battalion strength.
  • A Panzerjäger-Abteilung, an anti-tank battalion (most divisions contained at least an anti-tank battalion or greater).
  • An Aufkärungs-Abteilung, a recon battalion.
  • A Pionier-Abteilung, an engineer battalion.
  • A regiment or brigade of the main attack force of the battalion.
    • In a Panzer-Division, the regiment would most often consist of the regimental headquarters and three Panzer-Abteilungen.
    • In an Infanterie-Division or Kavallerie-Division (cavalry division), the regiment would consist of two infantry battalions and a motorcycle section.
    • In an Artillerie-Division, the motorized artillery regiments would contain two or three battalions.
  • Sometimes, a German division would also contain an additional brigade of infantry, although this was almost always found in Panzer-Divisionen.
    • The brigade would contain two seperate infantry regiments, most often one being motorized and the other would not.
      • The motorized infantry regiment would contain two battalions; one would be motorized, and the other would not.
      • The other infantry regiment would be made up of two non-motorized infantry battalions.

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