Engineer Truck
Building Kit, en route
Faction Icon Common Any
Class Noncombat Unit
Warmode 1939+
Cost None
Upgrade Cost $0
Armor Armor Vehicle Vehicle (300)
Speed 23 km/h

Engineer Trucks are essential to any campaign. When a building is ordered for construction, one of these fragile vehicles will depart from the nearest headquarters and take the shortest road to its intended destination. If the building is canceled, or moved to be deployed elsewhere, the truck will re-route as best it can.

Like Supply Convoys, engineer trucks cannot defend themselves and are quite fragile, so be sure to only deploy them in territory where you are certain it's safe. After all, the cost of the building is subtracted from your resources, whether it gets built or not!

Like all units, engineer trucks benefit from ruses; for example, a Blitz plan halves the time it would take to deploy a building.

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