RUSE Face-to-Face
Players 2 (1 vs 1)
Map size Medium
Location Dover, England
Environment Temperate

Face-to-Face is a medium-sized 2-player map.

Map FeaturesEdit

The two opposing HQs are linked by an outer road, from which 2 roads branch off and cross in the vvbvcenter. Each player has easy access to two supply dumps, and all other dumps are surrounded by forests along the edges of the map. The center is wide open and has no cover aside from a small patch of forest on either side.

The supply dumps that are surrounded by forests can be reached by armor via the outer road, which passes through all the dumps on the map. However, at each dump there is a break in the forest where armor might flank to avoid infantry lying in wait.

Since the center is a wide open expanse, it seems likely that an attack that aims to push through the middle will consist largely of armored units and air support. However, the scarcity of supply dumps will make it harder for a player to amass an appropriate army.


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