RUSE Fanaticism
Type Aggressive
Effect Inspires allied units to fight to the death in this sector. No cowardly retreat!
Duration 1:00
Let's see who's got more guts...
- American Infantry Commander

Fanaticism is an aggressive ruse in R.U.S.E.


All Allied units will fight to the death. Depending on the details of the battle and the big overall picture, this strategy may succeed against a foe against whom your units may have otherwise been routed. However, it can also backfire, allowing the enemy to break through your defenses after your troops did not retreat as they normally would have. The success of Fanaticism also depends on the big overall picture, as all strategies in the game do. Since your units will die in battle instead of retreating, they will not be available to participate in future battles, which can affect your long-term strategy.

Notably, this ruse will also nullify the effects of the ruse Terror.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Fanaticism may be used to withdraw a distressed unit being hit by artillery. It allows you to regain control of the unit's movement, pull the distressed unit out of enemy artillery range, and helps to lessen casualties.

Fanaticism can also be extremely useful as an offensive ruse, it enables your units to take out many more of your enemies units than it is capable of without Fanaticism. If used in conjunction with Blitz your army becomes even more powerful as it can quickly overrun your enemy. This is particularly useful on bombers, as the combination of both Blitz and Fanaticism allows your bombers to bomb their targets when usually the AA would cause them to rout and return to base or even worse, get shot down.

first used by the player in the siege of Bastogne


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