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Secret Achievement and/or Trophies

This page may show some potential spoilers and content that could possibly ruin the plot to R.U.S.E.

Please take caution when reading
General of the Army
Ach-general of the army
The R.U.S.E. "General of the Army" achievement/trophy.


Prevent World War III in Hard difficulty level .



Trophy type

General of the Army is one of the available secret trophies/achievements in R.U.S.E..


Prevent World War III in Hard difficulty level .


All you need to do is to win the game on hard difficulty


  • The Xbox 360 version is worth 50 points.
  • The PS3 version is worth a trophy.


  • Because of the different tiers of this achievement, this could be what rank Sheridan was promoted to after the game.

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