Breguet 693 "Guppy"
RUSE Guppy
Faction Icon France France
Class Fighter-bomber
Warmode 1942+
Cost $20
Factory Airfield
Armor Armor Aircraft Aircraft (400)
Speed 540 km/h

The Guppy, also know as the Breguet 693 is France's only fighter-bomber aircraft. It has more firepower in its bombs, however, as its very light machine-guns do not make it an effective fighter, but just to add some protection. The more effective Amiot should therefore be used to compensate the Guppy.


The 690 had begun life in 1934 as Breguet's response to the same strategic fighter aircraft specification as the eventual winner, the Potez 630. Both were twin-engine monoplanes with twin tailplanes, powered by Hispano-Suiza 14AB radial engines of contemporary design and performance. Breguet considered the weight limits of the specification - requiring a twin-engine, three-man aircraft to be lighter than 3,000 kg/6,600 lb (later 3,500 kg/7,700 lb) - to be overly restrictive and ignored them.

Instead, the design was advertised as particularly versatile, with reconnaissance, ground attack and level bombing derivatives proposed that required no structural changes. Unsurprisingly, Breguet lost out in the competition to Potez, but confident in the 690's potential, nevertheless began building a prototype on its own funds.

Although it had kept informed about foreign developments with dive bombers in the early 1930s, the French Air Force did not decide to acquire modern ground-attack aircraft before 1937. Engineless for nearly a year, the 690-01 prototype finally flew on 23 March 1938, and displayed such promise that 100 two-seat attack bomber versions known as the Breguet 691 AB2 were ordered in June 1938, an order which was eventually doubled.

Pros & Cons Edit

+Average speed and reliable bombload

+4 of these can destroy a factory in one attack, making it an effective light bomber plane.

+No research required, Cheap and even with 1st generation fighters


Weapon Infantrynoicon Engineeryesicon Buildingsnoicon Armor1yesicon Armor2yesicon Armor3yesicon Armor4yesicon Armor5yesicon Aircraftnoicon Rangeicon
Med dive bomb
Diving bomb
660 110 55 44 26 18 0 m
Weapon Infantryyesicon Engineeryesicon Buildingsyesicon Armor1yesicon Armor2yesicon Armor3yesicon Armor4yesicon Armor5yesicon Aircraftnoicon Rangeicon
Heavy HE bomb
HE bomb
40 40 100 8 4 2 1 0 0 m
Weapon Infantrynoicon Engineernoicon Buildingsnoicon Armor1noicon Armor2noicon Armor3noicon Armor4noicon Armor5noicon Aircraftyesicon Rangeicon
Very light cal.
AA gun
24 400 m


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