Type 5 Ho-Ru
Faction Icon Japan Japan
Class Tank Destroyer
Warmode 1942+
Cost $10
Factory Anti-tank Base
Armor Armor 2 30mm (400)
Speed 43 km/h

The Type 5 "Ho-Ru" light tank destroyer, combination of a light tank and a 47mm anti-tank gun, compensates for its average firepower and range with good armor making it as resilient as a medium tank, a very good mobility and an affordable price.

Mass-produced and used in hit-and-run tactics, it can be a painful thorn on the enemy's side.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

  • As the Ho-Ru costs but $10 to produce it can easily become almost a reinforcement unit, rushing to the enemy armor as they approach your headquarters.
  • When in groups of 3+ they can cause serious damage on enemy armored columns.
  • Unfortunately, the Ho-Ru is quite fragile; keeping air dominance is important if you wish to keep fighter-bombers away.

Pros & ConsEdit

+Cheat and fast.

+Effective a Ha-Go with a 47mm but also much thicker armor and higher speed.

+She is not replaced by the Ho-Ro, leaving the player with economical flexibility.

+/-From an utility stand point, the Type 1 -47mm is the better choice. (ambush, range, stealth and firepower)

-She lack range and firepower for anything else than rushes, hit and run or handeling earli light tanks.

Weapons Edit

Weapon Infantrynoicon Engineernoicon Buildingsnoicon Armor1yesicon Armor2yesicon Armor3yesicon Armor4yesicon Armor5yesicon Aircraftnoicon Rangeicon
Medium cal.
AP shell
250 31 25 15 10 7 300m


See AlsoEdit

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