Type 5 Ho-Ru
Faction Icon Japan Japan
Class Tank Destroyer
Warmode 1942+
Cost $10
Factory Anti-tank Base
Armor Armor 2 30mm (400)
Speed 43 km/h

The Type 5 "Ho-Ru" light tank destroyer, combination of a light tank and a 47mm anti-tank gun, compensates for its average firepower and range with good armor making it as resilient as a medium tank, a very good mobility and an affordable price.

Mass-produced and used in hit-and-run tactics, it can be a painful thorn on the enemy's side.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

  • As the Ho-Ru costs but $10 to produce it can easily become almost a reinforcement unit, rushing to the enemy armor as they approach your headquarters.
  • When in groups of 3+ they can cause serious damage on enemy armored columns.
  • Unfortunately, the Ho-Ru is quite fragile; keeping air dominance is important if you wish to keep fighter-bombers away.


Weapon Infantrynoicon Engineernoicon Buildingsnoicon Armor1yesicon Armor2yesicon Armor3yesicon Armor4yesicon Armor5yesicon Aircraftnoicon Rangeicon
Medium cal.
AP shell
250 31 25 15 10 7 300m


See AlsoEdit

  • Ho-Ri - Heavy tank destroyer

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