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Secret Achievement and/or Trophies

This page may show some potential spoilers and content that could possibly ruin the plot to R.U.S.E.

Please take caution when reading
Holding The Pass
Ach-holding the pass
The R.U.S.E. "Holding The Pass" achievement/trophy.


Successfully hold Kasserine Pass.



Trophy type

Holding The Pass is one of the available secret trophies/achievements in R.U.S.E..


Successfully hold Kasserine Pass.


Put one anti-tank gun on each entrance (one extra on the lower entrance) and one infantry unit on each entrance (none on the upper, one on the right, and one wherever you want). Put the Decryption RUSE on all sectors near you and wait until Airbornes arrive. Put one of them on each entrance and leave any extras for reserves.


  • The Xbox 360 version is worth 5 points.
  • The PS3 version is worth a trophy.


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