Lisunov Li-2D
LI-2 close
"Copied to the last bolt"
Faction Icon USSR Soviet Union
Class Air Transport
Warmode 1939+
Cost $10
Upgrade Cost $25
Factory Airfield
Armor Armor Aircraft Aircraft (200)
Speed 270 km/h

The Lisunov LI-2 (NATO reporting name: "cab") is used to drop the Soviet Union's Paratroopers: the Desantniki. With no armament, it is compulsory to support the LI-2 with fighters to engage enemy planes and bombers to strafe ground targets and create a safe landing zone for the Desantniki. It has the exact same stats as the C-47.


The Lisunov Li-2 was a licensed production version of the Douglas DC-3. The craft was originally used by Aeroflot as a passenger plane designated: PS-84 - Passazhirskiy Samolyot 84. When war broke out with Germany,  most of the PS-84s were put into military use as the Li-2. All military models were given 7.62 mm ShKAS machine guns and later a 12.7 mm UBK heavy machine gun. They were used for a variety of roles ranging from transport to bomber.



  • The plane portrait is the same as the British C47.

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