MG 42 Machine Gun Nest
RUSE MachineGunNest
Germany's slaughter-machine
Faction Icon Germany Germany
Class Fragile Position
Warmode 1942+
Cost $25
Factory RUSE Building Headquarters Headquarters
Armor Armor Building Building (250)

Early on in the game, the Machine Gun Nest is the first line of defense against harassing infantry; its dual MG 42's will deter all but the most elite infantry squads. In combination with the Siegfried Blockhaus, these two bunkers will provide a rigid defense for German bases. Despite its high efficiency versus infantry, this position will be highly threatened by even light tanks.

In actuality, the MG 42 were not "heavy", they were equivalent to .30, nor they did the "Ratatatat" sound - at 20 round per second, they ripped. And the gun in the pic is the earlier, slower, more expensive MG 34.


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