The R.U.S.E. Wiki is a gaming encyclopedia operated by Wikia, Inc. and is part of the Eugen System Wiki Network. The R.U.S.E. Wiki aims to be one of the most comprehensive resources for Eugen Systems' R.U.S.E. real-time strategy game, and is currently maintaining over 575 articles along with 23,620 edits combined.

Site HistoryEdit


The R.U.S.E. Wiki was founded by Golergka on December 14, 2009‎, who then immediately left the wiki with no edits. The empty wiki remained dormant until March 26, 2010, by a minor contribution to the main page by a anonymous user.


On early June, 2010‎, Wikia Gaming Staff Wagnike2 and MarkvA revived the wiki after it's half a year of dormancy.