Reverted Intel


Reverted Intel


Light units are given heavy unit markings when not scouted, and vice versa.



Reverted Intel is a ruse in R.U.S.E.. Your intelligence officers and cipher-writers are given orders to switch code-names and frequencies of your light and heavy forces, deliberately causing misinformation for any enemies who were monitoring your troops' movements in the battlefield.

Like all ruses though, Reverted Intel cannot be maintained indefinitely, and must be stacked for longer duration.


Light units are given heavy unit markings when not scouted, and vice versa. For example, a battalion of Sherman tanks is moving into a new Sector; deploying Reverted Intel in the sector will turn all of the 'Heavy' Unit tokens that normally represent your tanks into 'Light' Unit tokens. This should lead your enemies to believe that the troops encroaching on their position are Infantry units, and will (hopefully) send the wrong units to respond to the threat.

Note: Reverted Intel will not stand up to scrutiny by enemy Recon units; take them out quickly to ensure the ruse remains believable.

Tactics and StrategyEdit

  • Reverted Intel can hide your Infantry under the assumed guise of a Tank division, allowing them to get closer to enemy factories and supply depots in order to capture them. Reverted Intel also works well in concert with fake attacks; send a Decoy Tank Assault to a given sector to draw off your opponents' Anti-Tank units, and then send a battalion of Armored Units (under the guise of Reverted Intel) straight into the heart of their territory.


  • Note that Armored units (usually) move faster than Infantry units, especially when moving overland (Infantry units can only move at maximum speed when using Roads) if a group of enemy Light unit tokens are moving faster than you think they ought to (or, inversely, Heavy tokens moving slower than normal) chances are, your enemy has Reverted Intel operating in the sector.

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