RUSE Sogekihei
Faction Icon Japan Japan
Class Sharpshooters
Warmode 1939+
Cost $15
Research Cost $25
Factory Barracks
Armor Armor Infantry Infantry (400)
Speed 24 km/h

Although they have a slow rate of fire, the Japanese Sogekihei (狙撃兵, "Sniper" or "Sharpshooter") sharpshooters have the longest range of any infantry and can do severe damage in groups of three or four. They have the same elite weapons as the Russian heavy infantry and the French elite infantry. Unfortunately, these weapons take time to reload, and other infantry can close in while they are reloading. Coupled with their superb range, they can wipe out all types of infantry from afar. Unfortunately, they have poor anti-tank capacity and when assaulted at close range by infantry they are very vulnerable. Use Konoe infantry to defend the Sogekihei against enemy infantry.


Trained as sharpshooters, the Sogekihei were heavily-motivated volunteers. They were trained in the art of camouflage and concealment and proved very skilled in remaining still for long periods of time. They were equipped with the Type 99 sniper rifle (sniper adaptation of the widely-used Type 99 rifle) and/or the Type 97 sniper rifle. Excelling at picking off commanders and platoon sergeants, the Sogekehei were a frightening force to deal with.

Tips and tacticsEdit

  • Using a group of these combined with the Konoe light infantry as close support is a good way to clog up a choke point with minimum resources required.
  • Could be used with radio silence to get deep behind enemy lines and attack convoys, artillery, anti-tank guns, etc.

Pros & Cons Edit

+From an ambush position, they are able to kill off Heavy infantry instantly.

  • There standard attack is enough to make light infantry flee, even without ambush.

+No rivals except for other Japanese players. Apprently no one else though about it.

+Usefull for areal denial.

  • They are able to fire on the move with no visible penalty.
  • It also makes them great at protecting troops on marching order, should there be enemy units on the way.
  • If the enemy player isn't paying attention, his units simply disappear instead of reaching there destination.

+/-The developers have been kind enough to give them "defensive grenades"

  • They attack tanks with hand granades at 75m where they are visible in forrests and tanks will back off.
  • It leaves them with the ability to deal with bunkers and specialy defenseless AT bunkers... on paper.

-Rather expensive, fragile and researching takes time.

-A rush of 3 or 4 infantry will overrun them, unless the group falls back.

-Slow reload brings the dps down to 25 average and leaves a heavy "Punch" rather than draining like an MG


The Sogekihei are equipped with the Type 99 sniper rifle.

Weapon Infantryyesicon Engineernoicon Buildingsnoicon Armor1noicon Armor2noicon Armor3noicon Armor4noicon Armor5noicon Aircraftnoicon Rangeicon
Elite weapons
25 25 400m
Weapon Infantryyesicon Engineernoicon Buildingsyesicon Armor1yesicon Armor2yesicon Armor3yesicon Armor4yesicon Armor5yesicon Aircraftnoicon Rangeicon
Defense grenade
8 8 8 2 1 0 0 0 150m


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