RUSE Strongholds
Players 2 (1 vs 1)
Map size Medium
Location Alpes-Maritimes, France
Environment Temperate, rainy

Strongholds is a medium-sized 2-player map.

Map FeaturesEdit

Both players are separated by a large center area with a moderate amount of cover in the form of forests, two towns and two ruined castles. There are four supply dumps near this cover. As well, additional supplies will be easy to defend, as the players can claim supplies behind their HQ as well as along the sides of the map, where mountains form barriers around supply dumps, forcing would-be attackers into an easily-managed bottleneck. Additionally, there are very few forests in the area beyond the HQ and the center, which reduces the threat of depots being captured by enemy infantry.

Armor- and air-based attacks will likely be the focus of a game on this map, since the scarcity of forests around the outer area of the map will make it difficult to conceal infantry and AA positions.

Despite the lack of cover for infantry in most of the map, paratroopers will be useful as the HQ positions are lined with forests, and every road on the map has a town blocking it, meaning each town can be exploited to ambush enemy armor. The forests in the center of the map are close enough that an AT position will be able to attack much of the region around it.


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