Tank Graveyard
RUSE TankGraveyard
Players 2 (1 vs 1)
Map size Small
Location Sicily, Italy
Environment Temperate

Tank Graveyard is a small 2-player map.

Map FeaturesEdit

The map is generally symmetrical, with both players separated by rivers and a row of towns. Each player has easy access to several supply dumps located on a hexagonal road surrounding their HQ, but advancing into the center is difficult as there is a town on each player's front, between which is a wide open expanse with no cover.

The only ways around the center area is via the bridges located far behind the player's HQ. Hence, attempting to go around the center will take a long time.

Two edges of the map are mountainous or protected by a river with no bridges, making both sides inaccessible to ground units. As a result, aircraft are nigh-invulnerable over these areas. This can be exploited to flank an enemy with bombers.


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