United States of America
Flag United-States
Type Federal democratic republic
Affiliation Allied Forces
Military United States Armed Forces
Capital Washington, District of Columbia
Language(s) English
Currency American dollar

The United States of America is one of the playable factions in R.U.S.E.


The United States of America is an all-round faction with good tanks, infantry, air, artillery, anti-air and anti-tank capabilities. Of all the listed factions in R.U.S.E., the United States may be considered the most 'balanced', having no true flaws in any of its armed forces and strength in all aspects making them the greatest counter to Germany, the only real threat to the United States. Perhaps their greatest strength is in their mobile anti-aircraft guns, not needing a prototype base to construct them.

The United States of America is considered the best faction for beginners, and perhaps best overall. The United States have decent cost for units and structures, average research and upgrades, and average firepower and armor compared to Germany whose units are very expensive take a longer period of time to research but are extremely powerful and heavily armored.

The United States is a very balanced faction, but in the 1942 warmode, their tanks lack the firepower to effectively counter most heavy tanks of the era one on one, like the Tiger. But this is not a problem, one effective response, although expensive, is the P-47 Thunderbolt. In the 1942 era, they expand their air force a lot, replacing the antique P-40 Warhawk with the P-51 Mustang, the B-25 Mitchell with the B-17 Flying Fortress, but their armor doesn't expand, the only upgrade carried is the Sherman, which isn't much compared to the era medium tanks.



  • Machine-Gun Position - (Anti-Infantry defense bunker): Lacks effectiveness against armor, and has no anti-aircraft capabilities at all.
  • Anti-tank Bunker - (Anti-Armor bunker): No Anti-Air or Anti-Infantry capabilities.
  • Anti-air Bunker - (Anti-Air Bunker): Lacks effectiveness against armor.


  • Willys - (Recon): No weapon capabilities, the Willys Jeep has Recon-range perception, and can be hidden in woods and cities.
  • G.I. - (Light Infantry): Basic infantry, but armed with semi aitomatic rifles. Average anti-building effectiveness, and sub-par anti-armor effectiveness.
    • Rangers - (Heavy Infantry): Upgraded G.I. - Exceptional anti-building and anti-infantry effectiveness, and a somewhat small increase in anti-tank effectiveness.

Artillery & Anti-Aircraft Base

  • Bofors - (Anti-aircraft Gun) Higher damage than average AA guns but slower firing rate.
  • M16 - (Mobile Anti-aircraft Gun) Lower damage than average AA guns but faster firing rate, mobile but not armored.
    • M19 - (Armored Anti-aircraft Gun) Armored and very effective.
  • Priest - (Armored Artillery) Good piece of artillery but expensive. Mobile.
    • M40 - (Heavy Armored Artillery) Excellent piece of artillery. Slightly less mobile than preist.

Armor BaseEdit

  • Greyhound - (Armored Recon) Poorly armed and armored recon vehicle.
  • Stuart - (Light Tank) Fast and agile, but poorly armed and armored. Cheap.
    • Chaffee - (Advanced Light Tank) Armed as an average medium tank and as fast as most Italian tanks.
  • Lee - (Medium Tank) Poorly armed, slow tank but doubles as an assualt gun. Extremely effective against buildings.
    • Sherman - (Advanced Medium Tank) Average medium tank. Cheap and fast to produce.
  • Pershing - (Advanced Heavy Tank) Heavy tank. American equivalent of Tiger, but slightly faster.
    • Super Pershing - (Super-Heavy Tank)* (Must be bought from UPlay for 20 UPlay Points) Slight increase in most categories, able to beat the Tiger but not the King Tiger.

Anti-tank BaseEdit

  • M1 57mm - (Anti-tank Gun) Fast-reloading and effective gun.
    • M5 76mm - (Advanced Anti-tank Gun) Deadly anti-tank gun, still fast-reloading.
  • Wolverine - (Tank Destroyer) A tank destroyer with a turret, poorly armored.
    • Jackson (Advanced Tank Destroyer) Much of an improvement over the Wolverine, faster, better armored and better gun.


  • Grasshopper - (Air Recon) Unarmed, average air recon plane.
  • C47 - (Transport plane) Transporting paratroopers or airborne units wherever the commander wants.
  • Airborne - (Elite Infantry) Highly trained airborne units.
  • P-40 Warhawk - (Fighter) Slow and poorly armed, but good against early game fighters.
    • P-51 Mustang - (Advanced Fighter) Above average fighters. Fast and owns great weaponry.
  • P-47 Thunderbolt - (Fighter-bomber) Carries rockets that can destroy an early medium tank with one run, better than P-40 in air-to-air combat. Very durable.
  • B-25 Mitchell - (Bomber) Somewhat fast and a respectable AA defense, but not good enough to stand up to decent fighters.
    • B-17 Flying Fortress - (Heavy Bomber) Can destroy industrial buildings and heavy bunkers with a single run, fairly fast and owns a great AA defense. One of, if not the best heavy bombers.

Prototype BaseEdit

  • Long Tom - (Heavy Artillery) Slow but long-ranged and lethal.
  • Calliope - (Rocket Launcher Tank) A rocket launcher version of the Sherman, retaining machine-gun and AP cannon. Shorter rocket range than Germans or Soviets, but carries a large number.
  • Crocodile - (Flamethrower Tank) A flamethrower version of the Sherman. Deadly against infantry in all situations.
  • T95 - (Super-Heavy Tank) Hybrid between a tank destroyer and a tank, very effective against ground vehicles but cannot fire while moving.


The U.S.A. was hit hard early in the Pacific Theater in World War II, but superior manufacturing and industrial capabilities allowed the Americans to start hitting back quickly and it allowed them to supply the Allies and keep fighting until victory was won. In fact, Allied Sherman tanks outnumbered German Tigers by 36,000-2,000.


USA is the only balanced faction, but the hardest thing a commander can choose in this faction, is to select defense or offense. This faction is very balanced, having production at a normal rate, they still have powerful units, and they aren't cheap, but they aren't expensive. Their counter-part is Germany.

  • The Pershing and Super Pershing tanks are expensive, but have the same armor, range, and firepower as a German Tiger-class tank.
  • America fields a decent air force; effective fighter-bombers, advanced attack and defense-style planes, and menacing B-17 bombers. Do not be afraid to create an airfield early on to use as both a defensive and offensive tool.
  • Chaffee light tanks are cheap, quick, and powerful; armed with the same weapons as a Sherman. They are good at harassing the enemy and escorting infantry units.
  • American armored units are decent and the cost is fairly low, making U.S. tanks and tank destroyers most effective in larger numbers.
  • You can make a small force early on and wait for your money reserves to stock up.
  • Make a barracks research Rangers right away and send out jeeps to avoid a rushing attack taking you by surprise.
  • You can outnumber your enemies with a large group of Shermans against 1 or 2 opposing units of the same class, because of the Shermans' high rate of effectiveness when coordinated in a team effort.
  • You should upgrade your M16s to more effective M19s.They will down any aircraft with an average price.
  • The B-17 can match some standard fighters like the Russian Ishak because of their 13 AA defensive turrets.
  • High numbers of Sherman tanks in combination with Jackson Tank destroyers, can be a low cost and effective way to fight heavy and advanced heavy tanks.
  • Because the U.S is a balance when it come's to the units it can create, it can be used for almost any of the tactic's in the game. So be inventive in the you use their vast variety of units.
  • The U.S can be used in almost any fight, but avoid a direct fight with a nation like France in the early game period, as France's Sau 40 and AT guns can easily fight off an attack if it is not supported by planes or artillery. only in a mid or late game a US player would have the tools to fight a skilled French player.
  • American tanks have to be mass produced, because they have less armor and firepower than their counterpart. For example, one or two Shermans can be destroyed by a Panther easily, but a Panther can be taken out by four or five Shermans, and losses can be quickly replaced. 
  • American buildings, like the AA bunker, AT bunker, and MG Position has low survivability if come in contact with enemy rounds, so they have to be backed up by another units.


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