• Cat 1945


    February 25, 2011 by Cat 1945

    Japan is finally in the game. Why didn't they put it in before? It was like Axis and Allies with one nation missing.

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  • Cat 1945

    Italian Tank Tactics

    October 1, 2010 by Cat 1945

    Italian tanks are crap, but in numbers can blow away the heaviest enemy tanks. I've used the Italian M15 to overrun a couple of players and a computer player; in one battle I had like two dozen Italian tanks facing off against a couple of T 95s or something, and allthoug maybe 5-7 M15s got blown away, I managed to destroy the T 95s with a massive barrage of 37mm. guns, blow the base to pieces, and win the game, though my partner deserves a great deal of credit.

    Basically, Italian tanks are cheap, easy and fast to produce, have decent speed, and, in massive numbers, acceptable firepower. The real difficulties are their tendency to explode at the slightest excuse and, even more annoying, their decision to retreat under any gunfire. This last c…

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  • Cat 1945

    My experiences with tanks

    September 28, 2010 by Cat 1945

    French tanks seem to be best for a defensive role and for going on the offensive in numbers of 8-10 or more.

    German panzers are powerful, more so than most of their counterparts. The Maus can easily destroy most opposition, provided that the unit(s)in question are not hidden in a city or forest.

    American tanks are balanced, with no outstanding weaknesses, but no real advantages either, other than the cheaper price (sometimes).

    British tanks are not worth much. The Matilda, for example, has great armor, but a crappy gun. The Cromwell is equally disappointing. Their tank destroyers are somewhat better, though.

    Italian tanks, though, are a disappointment to the very word "tank". They cannot stay under any sustained fire without exploding or runni…

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