Yes, this page may seem worthless but I must address quite a few things in a manner everyone will see. The first is with the addition of the blue bar at the top of the pages. Yes, this is very new. It was added to make navigation easier, and no, if you don't like it, I'm not taking it down. Also, added quite awhile ago, is the comments box at the bottom of EVERY page, so talk, talk TALK! Another feature that know uses is the new chat, so talk if you want. Another thing i must address, and I'm begging you to do this, make a profile if you don't have one, it helps a lot better with managing things, believe me. Lastly, all vandals will be banned until December 31st, 9999. no exceptions, this is a zero tolerance wiki. If you want back on, however, TOO BAD! So please, comment below, your feedback is vital!


Also, added October 8th, is the poll. This is for fun and will change every Friday unless I forget. This weeks is "what era would you like to see a possible sequel in?"

March 4th

New information: If you have created a page for something that A) has nothing to do with this wiki or B) is useless jabber that is, well, useless, please put it for deletion and don't make pages that has to do with either scenarios above, instead if you feel like saying something about that on our wiki, put it on your blog, its annoying to find random pages out of no where.

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