The second week's poll results are in! They are part of the following dates: Oct. 15-21. Here are the results for the question "What Era do you want any possible Sequel to appear in?":

World War II-Pacific Theater 25 Votes

World War II-Soviet Theater 9 Votes

Korean War 1 Vote

Vietnam War 4 Votes

Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm 3 Votes

Operation Iraqi Freedom 3 Votes

Operation Enduring Freedom 1 Vote

World War I 3 Votes

American Civil War 1 Vote

Cold War (Basically Wargames: European Escalation) 7 Votes

So World War II-Pacific Theater won with 25 Votes and American Civil War and Korean War both tied with 1 vote. Have fun with the next! By the Way, for awhile, I might tie in poll questions with the most voted for previously question.

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