• Sabot00

    Editing Guidelines

    October 20, 2010 by Sabot00

    Please use the In-Game names, and not any slang, alternatives, or otherwise.

    Ex: Use U.S.S.R., not Soviets, Russians, Commies, Reds, etc

    Try not to use any abbreviations, some exceptions are if the Abbreviations are used often in actual World War 2 or in-game.

    Not OK: Perfect -> Perf

    OK: Fliegerabwehrkanone -> FlaK or Flak

    1st Person: I find that this unit is very effective, 2nd Person: You will find this unit is very effective. 3rd Person: This unit is very effective

    On a page I remember seeing written "and its price just WOWS everybody", that is very bad wording because:

    WOWS is not very specific, it could be very cheap, or outrageously expensive

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