Erich Von Richter's aide
Cutscene TakingCommand VonRichterAide
Political information
Affiliation Germany
Nationality German
Occupation Assistant
Game information
Status Possibly captured by Allies
I do not like the taste of defeat.
- Von Richter's aide, after Digging Out The Fox

The name of Erich Von Richter's aide is never revealed though he is seen several times in the R.U.S.E. campaign.


He is seen during the North Africa campaign informing Von Richter of his soon promotion by Erwin Rommel, and telling Von Richter "he does not like the taste of defeat." He is also seen in Italy telling Von Richter he should attack the allies at once with Von Richter reassuring him that he's "waiting for another guest."


"Jawohl, Herr General"- German for Yes sir, General.