Wehrkreis IV
German Wehrkreise, Wehrkreis IV is located in the center
Country Germany
Type Military district command
Appearances Colditz Castle

The Wehrkreis IV is a military district command and use regular tanks of the first mission and are usually destroyed by the 66th Tank, although they can also be destroyed by the player.

In Germany during World War Two, states, groupings of states, and newly-added territories were divided into seperate Wehrkreise, or military districts. They were devised to give field commanders as little administrative work as possible and to provide a regular flow of trainees and supplies to the armies. But as the war progressed the war was fought in Germany's home soil, the Wehrkreise had to arm their own staff members and fresh recruits to fight against the Allies. Wehrkreis IV is the district in charge of managing the German state of Saxony (German: Sachsen).

Subordinate UnitsEdit


  • Their name in English is "Military District."
  • Even though their subordinates are listed by their abbreviated designation above the units designation, technically every unit in the first mission could be considered their subordinate.

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